An anti-aging gene

There is a gene that slows aging and extends lifespan. It is called sirtuin gene. Mitochondria increase sharply by activating this gene. And Mitochondria eliminate active oxygen which kills the cells of a human body. It is said that the sirtuin gene inhibit one hundred of aging genes.

In order to activate this gene, we need to reduce our basic energy intake by 25 %. In other words, it is a calorie restriction. According to the experimental result, the sirtuin gene will be activated in three to seven weeks if we carry out the calorie restriction. However, it will be inactivated again as soon as we stop it.

In fact, such intake restrictions are pretty impossible. There is another way to activate the sirtuin gene. It is to take resveratorol. Resveratrol is slightly contained within red wine or the skin of a peanut.

By chance, we will be able to take anti-aging medicine soon.