Let’s make muscles lower half of the body!

Dr. Shigeo Haruyama says in his book as follows.

Aging begins with the depletion of growth hormone.When we become older, growth hormone is seldom secreted.

However, when we are badly injured, growth hormone can be produced at any age.In other words, when we damage our muscles on purpose, we can secrete growth hormone.

In particular, the rejuvenating growth hormone called Myokine is secreted from muscles below the waist.  It isnt secreted from upper body, and can be only from new muscles.  Myokine is one of the substances to remove the active oxygen.

So, lets work out aiming for the secretion of growth hormone to prevent aging.First, to build muscles of the lower body, slow squat exercise is effective.Do 10 to 15 times slowly. 

Next, after doing exercise without oxygen such as muscle training, do aerobic exercise. Exercise without oxygen damages old muscles and causes the secretion of growth hormone. And aerobic exercise builds new muscles.

Working out in this order is important to secrete the rejuvenating hormone.