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We dispatch medical interpreters to go to hospitals and doctors with the foreigners who are unable to speak Japanese adequately. Our registration fees are free for foreigners. We provide them with English/Japanese interpretation service solely. The area where interpreters can be sent is Tokyo,Osaka and its environs. We have both medical interpreters who are volunteers and paid staff.

Sign up when you arrive in Japan. It is easy to enroll in our service. Please send us the registration form by E-mail after you fill out.
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If you get sick, you can call on us to send our medical interpreter for you.

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If you request an interpreter to go to the hospital with you, we will find one and our interpreter will contact you.
We will try to send you a volunteer interpreter first,
but please confirm whether the interpreter who goes with you is a volunteer or a paid staff.

In the case of the paid staff, you are required to pay the fee for our service.

You can go to hospital/clinic/dentist with our medical interpreter.


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Important Notice

All volunteer interpreters (unpaid) who accompany you are not professional medical interpreters.

Depending on the schedule of our interpreters, we sometimes cannot find an interpreter for you. In that case, we cannot send you an interpreter. Furthermore, if there is no volunteer interpreter available for your requested date, we will send our paid staff and you are expected to pay the charge for our interpretation service.

Please make sure to pay your own medical bill. Our interpreters do not pay any of your medical expenses.

Please confirm whether or not you are required to pay a charge for our interpretation service before going to hospital.

Neither we nor our interpreters will take any responsibility when matters about your health condition happen after our service.

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Example by YouTube

This is a example of a foreigner who living in Japan, and became sick in Japan.